All will grow great and powerful again;

by Rainer Maria Rilke

translated by Babette Deutsch

All will grow great and powerful again;

the seas be wrinkled and the land be plain,

the trees gigantic and the walls be low;

and in the valleys, strong and multiform,

a race of herdsmen and of farmers grow.


No churches to encircle God as though

he were a fugitive, and then bewail him

as if he were a captured, wounded creature,—

all houses will prove friendly, there will be

a sense of boundless sacrifice prevailing

in dealings between men, in you, in me.


No waiting the beyond, no peering toward it,

but longing to degrade not even death;

we shall learn earthliness, and serve its ends

to feel its hands about us like a friend’s.


by James L. White

Cooking for someone can be loaded with danger.

He’ll get here at six and I’m filled with a small fear

of conversation at the table.

I always toy with the edge across my throat,

between the cabbage the duck and coffee we stare into.


There are many ways to scream.

I’ve chosen the silent one

because I’m afraid of being discovered as I am, not

who he remembers 20 years ago.


I want to say things have changed since then.

I’ve smoked my lungs black and eaten my heart out.

Lost each leaf of hair and seen friends to their graves,


So the real talk is never said.

After a polite time he leaves a bit early.

I want to re-run dinner again

with simpler food, the apartment a little messy.

I’d like to walk right over the edge and say

‘Who we were then is fable.’

But that takes believing we’re someone right now.


Instead I sit down to a second meal.

I’m famished from things left unsaid,

go to bed early, and wake totally

at the national anthem, before the TV hisses

into blue snow.


I get up. I eat again.

Sir Allan Popa on Lost Proximity

Me: I’ll just wait for when she sees me at the airport. 🙂 Idk why but I’m feeling anxious and worried and excited at the same time.

Sir: Ganun naman talaga pag matagal na di nakita ang minamahal.

Kasi may takot sa posibleng pagbabago sa kanya na dala ng mga nakita/naranasan niya, samantalang ikaw na naiwan dito, inaakala mong walang pinagbago ang mga karanasan. Pero alam naman natin na di kailangang maglakbay para makaipon ng kakaibang karanasan at alam mong nangyari rin yan sa iyo the past months habang wala siya.


Drew this during my stay in Bangkok. The place has a lot of Buddhist temples and if ever you pay those temples a visit, from time to time you’ll come across a few stone guardians. One of them–I didn’t get to snap a picture, sorry–looked like a little lion/dragon/dog thing. Reminded me of Darmanitan. That Pokemon from the 5th gen? He’s kinda cool? Anyone?

Anyway, this was my take on it with the statues and the Pokemon in mind. I used to draw a lot before I got into music and writing and then I just kinda stopped, though in retrospect I didn’t have much reason to. Sometimes I wonder, if I kept at it continuously, how much different my drawings would be now. It’s thoughts like these that make me want to try again with the mindset of discipline.